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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

This intuitive reading will step into the depths of your soul to retrieve whatever messages are prudent for your  guidance and healing at this time.  This service accesses the Akashic Records, by booking this service you're agreeing to allow access into your Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records are an etheric field which houses the collective unconscious.  By accessing this field we uncover deep truths about life and ourselves.  After booking you will receive a typed transcription of the medicine reading for you to process and reference at your own leisure. 


"I really feel like your reading has given me so much to look forward to. This reading has given me a feeling of solid ground under my feet and reassured me that I’m on the right path. Sometimes I feel lost at sea! Thank you for giving me clarity."

—  Nina R, Artist

"Medicine for your Soul"

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