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Haus of Ritual's Cosmic Ritual Journey is a thirteen week in depth exploration of self.  This unique coaching program combines Astrology, reiki, sacred ritual and spiritual life coaching to support you mind body and soul on a journey of self discovery through ritual.  Each ritual is curated specifically for you inspire by your astrological natal charts. This journey will teach you the basics of building your own sacred rituals, as well as leave you with resources to create your own rituals as you shift and evolve.  Over the course of three months you will develop a ritual for healing, empowerment, and embodiment. This journey leaves you with a moon medicine ritual that is designed specifically to help you self nurture and sooth.  We're all so unique and individual, having a ritual you can turn to time and time again when you need a little extra TLC is so vital.  Find a sense of peace and balance in your life with sacred ritual.  


A cosmic ritual coaching session uses astrology, in other words your unique souls blueprint to create personalized sacred rituals just for you.  Taking both your western and sidereal astrological natal charts into consideration.  Become your own healer and tap into your divine wisdom and sacred center with sacred ritual.  Options for single sessions or coaching packages to learn how to self sooth, empower or embody your souls highest evelovement. Enrich your life with the sacred art of ritual, cultivate presence and deep soul level healing with a cosmic ritual coaching session today. 


Working with the right mentor illuminates your potential and gives you the right skills, tools and insights that you need in your life. Rituals have the power to transform our lives and bring a deeper sense of fulfillment into our everyday. Fulfillment is something that everyone wants, but not everyone has. Cosmic ritual coaching is for those looking to make a change and find a deeper sense of meaning in their life through self discovery and ritual work.  

When we lack fulfillment in our lives we try to fill that void with food, positions, and relationships that aren't serving our highest good.  Through ritual we cultivate presence, find contentment, and bring a grater sense of ease and balance into our lives.  

Investing in your own personal development is a sacred act of self love.  There is no greater relationship in your life then the one you have with yourself.  Invest in your happiness and sign up for the Cosmic Ritual Journey today! .  


The basics bundle is a self paced program that allows you to experience our services in their intended order.  This program highlights the best we have to offer with flexibility to go at your own pace.

The Basics Bundle includes:

✧ A Reiki and Wellness Mentoring Session

✧ Cosmic Ritual Coaching

✧ Two Capacity Coaching Sessions 

✧ Reiki with Intuitive Chakra Reading 


The basic bundle incorperates intuitive energy healing, astrology, cosmic ritual coaching, spiritual life coaching, reiki and chakra healing at an incredible value!  This package was designed specifically for those who are unsure if they want a regimented coaching program but are invested in self development and discovery. The basics bundle allows you to take in this valuable energetic information and process it at your own pace. This self paced program grants you the freedom to dive in head first and experience all of our services in their intended order. Or you can take your time and let yourself resonate with each session before booking the next. This service has something for everyone and is at an incredible value at 7 hours of spiritual life coaching for this low rate! Spots are limited with the basic bundle to ensure you get the best service, book your basic bundle today! 

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