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Ritual Wellness Coaching


Ritual Wellness Coaching is a transformative self-directed holistic health and wellness coaching program designed to guide individuals on a journey towards clarity, balance, and intentional living. In a world filled with hustle and bustle, this unique coaching container provides a space for honest reflection and empowered decision-making. Participants embark on a tailored path, choosing from 3-month, 5-week, or 7-week packages, each crafted to support the individual's pace and goals. For those seeking an elevated experience, deluxe options offer energetic support through Reiki and sound healing. Ritual Wellness Coaching is not just a program; it's a roadmap to creating a life of purpose, health, and meaning. Start your intentional living journey with Ritual Wellness Coaching and discover the transformative power of holistic well-being.

Live a life of greater health, purpose & fulfillment

What each program offers:

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Clarity Coaching

Ritual wellness is a self directed health and wellness coaching program that is tailor made just for your needs. Offering a variety of coaches packages, ranging from the 5 week clarity coaching package which supports anyone looking for a tune up when it comes to their health and well-being. The five week Clarity packages is perfect for someone who feels a little lost on where to start on their journey towards better health and wellbeing. 


Offering weekly support and a customized well-being ritual tailor made for your lifestyle and your unique health and wellness needs. This package is perfect for anyone short on time looking to elevate their self care practice. Whether your looking for better ways to manage stress or incorporate healthier habits the 5 week clarity package is just what you are looking for. At the end of the program you will receive a custom holistic health and self care ritual which will seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Additionally supplying you with the knowledge and tools to support yourself and wellbeing long after the program completes. 


This package offers:

1 60 minute wellness vision session

4 weekly 30 minute wellness coaching sessions. 


Deluxe Clarity Coaching

The 7 week deluxe clarity package offer everything the 5 week clarity package offers with additional energetic support. Consisting of 2 private reiki healing sessions and 2 group sound healing sessions. To help assist you on your journey towards greater health and energetic alignment. This option is amazing for anyone who has felt out of their routine, in a funk, or navigating challenging emotions. The additional energetic support is perfect for anyone experiencing an excess of stress or anxiety. Helping cleanse the energy body and bring you back to alignment. Take the first step towards a healthier you with ritual wellness coaching! 


The 5 & 7 week clarity coaching packages are designed specifically for those looking for a health and wellness tune-up or support as they step into a healthier lifestyle. These packages help motivate and find clarity on what wellness rituals add the most to your life. Encouraging you to stay motivated and self directed once the coaching container is complete. 


This package offers:

1 60 minute wellness vision session

4 weekly 30 minute wellness coaching sessions

2 private reiki sessions

2 group sound baths 

Ritual Wellness Coaching


For those looking for more support on their health and wellness journey we have our 12 week ritual wellness coaching & the 12 week ritual wellness deluxe package! 


The 12 week ritual wellness coaching package offers everything the 5 week clarity package has plus an additional 2 months of support on your journey towards creating a life of balance and well-being. This option is ideal for someone new to self care and is looking for a more supported approach while implementing their new wellness ritual. Everyone benefits from motivational support. With this package you not only receive a custom wellness ritual but the support while implementing it into your lifestyle. Allowing space for growth, expansion and deeper integration. 


This package offers:

1 60 minute wellness vision session

11 weekly 30 minute wellness coaching sessions.


Deluxe Ritual Wellness Coaching


The 12 week deluxe ritual wellness package offers 3 months of personal health and wellness coaching with unlimited studio sound baths for the entirety of your program and three private reiki healing sessions. Supporting you mind, body and soul on a journey of true transformation. This unique holistic healing program is unlike any other on the market. Supporting you on your journey towards greater health and wellbeing. The Deluxe ritual wellness coaching package comes highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their life to the next level. Supporting you towards a life of greater balance and wellbeing. This service comes highly recommended for those navigating anxiety and high levels of stress looking for a holistic solution to greater health and wellbeing. If you’re ready to craft a life that suits your unique needs and desires take your first step today with the deluxe ritual wellness coaching program! 

This package offers:

 1 60 minute wellness vision session

11 weekly 30 minute wellness coaching sessions

3 private reiki sessions

Unlimited studio sound baths 


Working with the right mentor illuminates your potential and gives you the right skills, tools and insights that you need in your life. Rituals have the power to transform our lives and bring a deeper sense of fulfillment into our everyday. Fulfillment is something that everyone wants, but not everyone has it. Ritual Wellness coaching is for those looking to make a change in their health and wellbeing and find a deeper sense of meaning in their life through self-discovery and ritual work.  

When we lack fulfillment in our lives we try to fill that void with food, positions, and relationships that aren't serving our highest good.  Through conscious ritual we cultivate presence, find contentment, and bring a grater sense of ease and balance into our lives.  Discover the wellness rituals that uplift you and foster peace and ease.

Investing in your own personal development is a sacred act of self love.  There is no greater relationship in your life than the one you have with yourself.  Invest in your happiness and sign up for Ritual Wellness Coaching today! .  

What you can expect from Ritual Wellness 


✧ Gain a clear understanding of your goals and values

✧ Align actions with purpose for intentional living

✧ Learn how to manage your stress

✧ Implement rituals for personal growth

✧ Develop sustainable self-care practices

✧ Learn to maintain balance for holistic well-being

✧ Develop confidence while supporting your health

Embark on a transformative journey with Ritual Wellness Coaching—an invitation to shape a life of purpose, balance, and holistic well-being. By signing up, you'll gain personalized insights, tools, and support to navigate the complexities of modern life. Whether seeking clarity, stress relief, or a holistic lifestyle overhaul, this coaching experience empowers you to make intentional choices, discover your strengths, and create sustainable wellness rituals. Elevate your well-being with a community that understands and supports your unique journey. Unveil the transformative power within you and sign up for Ritual Wellness Coaching—a path to a more intentional, vibrant life.

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