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Traditionally yoga was practiced in a more personalized student-teacher manner. The westernization of yoga lead to our modern yoga class that can often result in misalignment leading to injury.  In a one-on-one session, you are met exactly where you are in your yoga journey, providing a safer more therapeutic experience. A private yoga session caters to your specific needs whether it's to relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, or work on specific parts of the body.  Working together we can formulate a personalized yoga plan that accommodates to your body and your lifestyle.


Looking to remedy a specific issue through yoga

Experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression

Overworked, fatigued or lethargic

Looking to have more energy and be more productive

Wanting to relieve stress and have a heightened sense of ease 

Looking to alleviate specific pain

In need to unwind and relax

Coping with trauma

A parent feeling energetically drained

Working in a service field or constantly giving

Feeling out of sync & wishing to be better in alignment 

Looking to develop a more personalized yoga practice

Interested in expanding your wellness routine

Struggling with feeling sluggish

Suffering from insomnia or restless sleep

Wanting a more structured ritual routine

Looking to have more energy and be more productive

Feeling irritable, and not yourself lately

Looking for something easily adaptable to your busy schedule


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