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Meditation is an act of surrender.  If we were to lose everything, all we would have left are our thoughts.  Gaining the ability to settle our thoughts is the most profound gift you can give to yourself.  Living in a society that prioritizes productivity over wellbeing can create unhealthy mental habits.  Being consumed with metal chatter leads to unnecessary stress and can create anxiety.  That's why taking a small portion out of your day or week to clear your mind to find stillness is so important.  

Just like we need to cleanse the body and the space we live in we need to take care of our mind. Think of your mind as a beautiful kitchen, if it's filled with an abundance of things that aren't necessarily useful in a kitchen these things just take up space. Making it more difficult to use the space for its intended purpose.  Meditating is the act of clearing out and decluttering the mind so when you are using it, it can be used at its best capacity.  Free from unnecessary distractions and useless attachments.  


Here at House of Ritual, we offer a variety of mindfulness and meditation options. Varying from personalized meditation mentoring, guided meditation, yoga, sound baths, or our monthly meditation workshop.



"Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of consciousness."

-Sri Chinmoy

Private Sessions