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One of a kind yoga program designed specifically for you, inspired by your doshas 

Dosha's are your unique mental and physical constitution. Your constitution fluctuates throughout your life and influences your personal wellbeing.  Using Ayurveda, Yoga's sister science, we can formulate a personalized therapeutic yoga practice to promote balance and wellbeing.  Any yoga sequence can be curated to benefit your specific dosha's therefore, elevating the healing benefits of your practice.  Get the most out of your yoga practice with a one of a kind yoga sequence designed specifically for you inspired by your doshas.



In order to receive any of these service's you must complete two dosha assessments. One for your current mental and physical state, and one for when you were a child.  Discover your dosha states here.  Working with the doshas we can realign ourselves to be more in tune with our childlike nature and our original essence.  After the assessments are completed a short consolation will be held to discuss physical limitations, and desired outcomes. 



The dosha yoga private is ideal for anyone looking to personalize their yoga practice.  Using Ayurveda we can customize a deeply personal yoga practice informed by your doshas.  This option is ideal for anyone looking to alleviate a specific ailment whether mental, emotional, or physical.  This yoga private option is available over zoom as well as in person.



Dosha yoga for balance focuses on bringing your doshas back into alignment.  For this service you will receive a video of the sequence formulated specifically for you.  This way you can come back to the practice time and time again.  In order to make this practice ideal for any lifestyle you chose from the options to receive two 30 minute sequences or one 60 minute practice.