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This ancient holistic healing practice was used across many cultures to ease oneself from imbalance back into balance.  Sound baths are a deeply therapeutic restorative mind-body experience.  This immersive full-body listening experience has a profound ability to rapidly bring our awareness into deep meditative and healing states.  Become a member to receive weekly virtual sound healing! 

Ritual Routine

Rituals have the ability to promote mindfulness and meditative states.  This personal ritual routine is formulated taking your lifestyle into account to develop a daily ritual to promote fulfillment.  This service consists of a short consultation to understand your lifestyle and then a daily ritual routine will be formulated for you to practice and enjoy. 


Meditation is an act of surrender.  If we were to lose everything, all we would have left are our thoughts. Gaining the ability to settle your thoughts is the most profound gift you can give to yourself.  Living in a society that prioritizes productivity over wellbeing can create unhealthy mental habits.  Being consumed with mental chatter leads to unnecessary stress and can create anxiety.   Taking a time out of your day or week to clear your mind to find stillness is so important.  Here at House of Ritual, we offer a variety of mindfulness and meditation options. Varying from personalized meditation mentoring, guided meditation, sound baths, ritual routines, or our monthly moon medicine ceremonies. Become a member today to start your weekly meditation practice!


Moon medicine is a ritual based wellness program, designed to harness the healing qualities of the Moon & Earth.  While providing a grounding environment to explore your intuition and cultivate a deeper connection with your inner voice.  Ceremony is held every other week for the New and Full moon.  During the new moon, we set intentions and plant seeds for the lunar cycle to come.  During the full moon, we focus on gratitude and surrender.  Each ceremony varies and is inspired by the energy that that moon is evoking at that time.  Blending the ancient practices of yoga, breath work, mantra, sound healing, meditation, and circle work.  Cultivate a ritual practice that aligns with the moon and awakens you to the energy of the world around you. 


Yoga is an ancient Vedic wisdom tradition.  Join Haus of Ritual for our weekly yoga asana class!  This form of moving meditation has profound healing benefits for the body, mind and soul.  Pairing movement with the breath is deeply theraputic on our nervous system. As well as supportive in cultivating deep meditative states.  Yoga might be the most popular and fastest-growing ritual practice on the planet today.  This physical science and Vedic wisdom works not just on the physical, but also the subtle body.  Leaving you feeling revitalized energetically and in greater harmony with the world around you.  Become a member and activate your ritual practice today! 





Reiki is a holistic Japanese technique of energy healing that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.  The word reiki stems from the Japanese words Rei meaning higher power or gods wisdom, and ki meaning life force energy.  Regularly attuning our life force allows our body to maintain harmony and be happy, healthy, and vibrant.  Conversely, when our life force is low we are more likely to fall ill and feel the effects of stress in our bodies.  Reiki is administered by light touch and can be practiced from far distances.  In these times of uncertainty and social distancing, reiki has profound healing benefits on an individual and collective scale.


This intuitive reading will step in to the depths of your soul to retrieve whatever messages are prudent for your healing at this time.  This service accesses the akashic records, by booking this service you're agreeing to allow access into your akashic records.  After booking you will receive a typed transcript of the reading for you to reference at your own leisure. 

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