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Wed, Nov 09



Sound Healing

Melt stress away and sink into deep states of meditation and relaxation with sound healing.

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Sound Healing
Sound Healing

Time & Location

Nov 09, 2022, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Minneapolis, 3023 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA

About the Event

What is sound healing or a sound bath?

Sound healing is also commonly called sound baths, vibrational healing, sound meditations and sound journey's. A sound bath actually has nothing to do with water, however as a traditional bath involves a person immersing themselves in water, a sound bath immerses a person in sound waves. Being enveloped in therapeutic sound vibrations are healing on the mind, body and emotional states. Science shows us that we essentially live in a world of vibration. Boiled down we are cells and atoms making us creatures of vibration and frequency. Sound baths are vibrational medicine that help shift the mind, body and spirit into harmonious states. Listening to harmonious tones shift us into deep states of relaxation and rest.

How does it work?

Our sound bath involves both crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, which are small bell-like instruments that create a resonant tone when a person strikes them. Sound baths are a deeply immersive sensory listening experience that induce deep states of relaxation and meditation. Most individuals report that they are able to reach deeper states of relaxation and meditation during a sound bath. This is because the frequency of the sound waves are shifting our brainwaves. We typically live within the beta brainwave during a sound healing we slowly shift into deeper states of consciousness.

Alpha brain waves– Frequency: 8-13 Hz

The alpha state is when the mind and body both become relaxed and enter a state of wakeful rest. This state is where you are at ease but the mind is still restfully aware. This state is correlated with flow state and creativity. This is the first state you will move into during the sound bath experiencing a delectable state of rest and ease. Many people claim they are able to find creative solutions to their problems during sound baths and this state is why.

Theta brain waves– Frequency: 4-8 Hz

The theta brainwave is associated with deep states of meditation, creativity, intuition, daydreaming and prayer. This state is uncommon in adults over the age of thirteen unless in altered states of meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices. This state allows the mind to slip into a more unconscious state and allows for deep cellular healing. This state is also associated with intuition and is the sweet spot during sound healing. While expiracing theta brainwaves you may experience  dreamlike images or have a sudden eureka moment.

Delta brain waves- Frequency: 0,5-4 Hz

The delta brain state is the slowest of all the brain frequencies and is often experienced in the deepest levels of sleep. During this state you are experiencing the deepest levels of rest and rejuvenation. During the beginning stages of this frequency you're able to access the unconscious, while in deeper levels you begin to slip into an advanced meditation technique often referred to as the void. In the ayurvedic tradition this is where the maya (illusion) begins to dissolve.

How does a sound bath go?

As you arrive you will have the opportunity to find a comfortable space and use the restroom. The experience begins with you finding a comfortable position. It's totally up to you if you prefer to lay down or sit. We provide blankets and bolsters, with a limited number of yoga mats if you choose to lay. We also encourage you to bring your own yoga mat, blanket, water bottle, crystals, journal, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Once settled in there will be a short introduction for those who have never experienced a sound bath. After that the sound bath will begin lasting anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the time allotted.

As the body listens to harmonious sounds your nervous system relaxes. Allowing you to sink into deep states of relaxation. The sound waves are giving your aura an energetic massage, relaxing you mind, body and spirit.


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