Enrich your life with Ritual 

Haus of Ritual Blended the best of what we have to offer into our ritual wellness. Combining Reiki, Astrology and Western coaching techniques to support you mind body and spirit. Ritual wellness is a Monthly or bi-weekly wellness mentoring service. Combining Reiki and astrology to help you heal and come into alignment! Invest in your wellbeing with monthly reiki and introspection. Everything you seek is within. Cultivate a  practice of exploring your internal landscape with Ritual Wellness.  Each tier has monthly reiki and chakra readings, options for astrological insights plus so much more! 

Whether you're looking to make a massive shift in your life like switching career, or your just looking to bring more peace and fulfillment into your life Ritual Wellness is just the thing for you.  

a life without fulfillment is a sign that you are living a life out of alignment with what your meant to do.  Whether you're feeling depressed, fatigued, lethargic, or just uninspired, this is your spirit's way of tell you that you are meant for more.


 You are capable for more in your life and their is a rich well of fulfillment waiting for you as soon as you invite it into your life.  

In a world 

fulfillment is self mastry

you deserve and can create more

when you invest in getting the mentorship to discover what is meaningful to you miracles happen in your life.  if you want more then the life that you have, and you feel like there is a better life for you.  

there's nothing more meaningful then investing in your own happiness and fulfillment.  

your expiracned are your uniquely guiding you towards your life's purpose.  


Investing in your personal development is a sacred act of self love.  There is no grater relationship in your life then the one you have with yourself.  Invest in your healing and fulfillment and sign up for Ritual Wellness today.  



Monthly Unlimited Group Ritual 

Become a ritual wellness unlimited memeber! 

90 minuters every month to your healing and self discovery.  For the low rate of $111 you recove a hour of reiki every month with a in depth energetic reading.  

Do you feel out of place, ungrounded or misunderstood by the world around you? Come back to your center with Ritual wellness. hayl sepcializes in helping spiritual folks find the rituals that ground and help them find their sacred center. 




Monthly 2 hour Reiki and Wellness Mentoring with Cosmic Coaching

Come into alingment with 

Align is a hour of reiki with a hour of Wellness mentoring with personalized natal astrological insights. Come into alignment with monthly reiki and personal astrology readings.  This serivices uses both western and Sidereal astology to give ou a well rounded picture of the themes theme to come in your life.   

Come into alignment with 

this service is an increable value at $151 for monthly reiki, personalized astrology and wellness mentoring. This service has a value of over $300. Haus of ritual wants to celebrate those who are commiting to their healing and self discovery with an extremely discounted rate for those who commit to monthly services.  

*This service will not be offered at this low price forever, however will be honored for those who lock in this rate. 



Monthly 90 minute Reiki and Chakra reading 

Monthly hour Capacity Coaching session

Dedicate 90 minuters every month to your healing and self discovery.  For the low rate of $333 you recove a hour of reiki every month with a in depth energetic reading.  

Hayl's capacity coaching recognizes that no two people are alike and therefore no program should be. Capacity coaching start with a thorough exploration of who you really are, what's holding you back and how you can breakthrough.  The capaicy coacing sessions are an extention of the healing thats done while on the reiki table.  Each capacity coaching session covers your current astological theme. while asls allowing you to guide your expericane.  Depemdomng on your need and desires the capcity coaching can branch off into Cosmic Ritual Coaching, Dharma coaching, meditation mentoring, guided relaxations, or an aditional reiki session.  This service is available to in studio as well as from a distace, all capacity coaching sessions will be virtual. 




You know on a deep level that you are meant for more then where you are now in your life


You are seeking clarity and direction to where your life is heading 

You're struggling to discover your life purpose, but know your meant for more then what your doing right now

You know that with the right council you will be able to make magnificent shifts in your life

You have direction in your life but you need someone keeping you accountable so you're able to achieve your goals

You're a multi-passionate person with a lot of gifts but lack guidance and direction on which path is right for you

You're passionate about self improvement and want to deepen your understanding of self 

You're hard working but your own self doubts are the only thing standing in the way of the life you want to live

You keep getting trapped in self sabotage and feelings of imposter syndrome 

You're interested in deepening your spiritual practice and find deeper meaning in your life

You're ready to let go of the feelings of guilt for wanting more and take action on your intuition you're meant for more

You're sick of feeling depressed, anxious, fatigued or lethargic and want to create more joy in your life 

You know that if you felt more fulfilled you would be a better parent, partner or friend to those in your life

Deep down you know there is more to life then what you have been experiencing, and you want it and deserve it